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About RS&M

As a full service consulting firm, RS&M has the capability to resolve any problem your structure may face leaving you with the most important task of all...running your business. Our certified P.E.'s and technical personnel are extremely well versed in all types of buildings and their applications. Since 1974 we have specified and monitored over 300 million square feet of building applications.

Knowledge is power, and knowing all the facts about the building can result in better decision-making processes for owners and managers alike. Cost savings and avoidance of last-minute emergency decisions are only two of the many benefits that can be realized by having standard and systematic attention paid to any property. From due diligence to budgeting and planning for long-term investment holdings, an invaluable tool to have at one's disposal is an expert consultant.

At RS&M we view the building in terms of active management. An actively managed property will ultimately be more dependable and perform more consistently resulting in lower life cycle costs.

Above all the qualifications and all the technology, RS&M has a solid commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction. From support staff to the CEO, we give each client unsurpassed, personal attention.

"Service is the lifeblood of any organization. Everything flows from it and is nourished by it. Customer service is not a's an attitude, and at RS&M, service is our most important product, with attitude."

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Executive Staff

Gordon MeltzerGordon Meltzer
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Email:  |  Telephone: (800) 232-1085

Gordon Meltzer began his roofing industry career in 1974 as a manufacturer's sales representative. His ability to manage complex project details and his commitment to fully satisfy his clients' roofing needs soon led the business school graduate and U.S. Navy veteran to writing comprehensive project estimates for his commercial clients.

Gordon founded Roofs, Structures & Management, Inc. (RS&M) in 1974. Since that time, the company has specified and monitored more than 300 million square feet of building applications. The business changed its name in 1997 to RS&M to reflect its expanding services in the commercial real estate asset management and due diligence markets. Under Gordon's leadership, RS&M Consulting Engineers has earned a reputation as a leader in the U.S. roof consulting industry.

Bill WorkmanBill Workman, RRO
Email:  |  Telephone: (800) 232-1085

Bill Workman has more than 20 years experience in the roofing industry. As a former roofing contractor, he has installed commercial roofs that include built-up gravel, modified bitumen membranes, EPDM rubber roof assemblies, and TPO and PVC single-ply membrane roofs. His residential assemblies include shingle, wood shake, and concrete and clay roof tiles.

Over the years Bill has worked as department manager, commercial estimator, and project manager for the southeast U.S. He has overseen residential, commercial, and governmental roofing installations and managed projects valued up to $2.65 million. Since joining the staff of RS&M in 1997, Bill's consulting-related duties have included roof investigation assessments and code and manufacturer compliance of installed and new roof projects.

Douglas BaucomDouglas Baucom
President, Engineering & Due Diligence
Email:  |  Telephone: (714) 744-3267

Douglas Baucom is a licensed civil engineer in California and is a member of the National Society of Professional Engineers and the California Society of Professional Engineers. He has extensive experience in real estate due diligence, including property condition assessments, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance reviews, construction cost analysis, construction progress monitoring, and structural evaluations.

Projects evaluated by Douglas vary in size and include small single commercial buildings, small subdivisions, industrial buildings greater than one million square feet, high rise office and condominium buildings, geographically diverse portfolios, and large master planned communities.

Douglas earned his bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Oregon Institute of Technology and his master's degree from Pepperdine University. He is licensed as a California civil engineer (License No. C52069) and is a board-certified building inspection engineer.

Mandy McCordMandy McCord
Business Administration Director
Email:  |  Telephone: (800) 232-1085

Mandy McCord began her career in customer service and has more than 10 years experience in roofing company production and business administration. Her duties include the use of RoofLogic, a suite of software modules for roof asset management, preventative maintenance, CAD, digitizing, and estimating.

Mandy earned her bachelor's degree in English from the University of South Florida and uses her communications and organizational skills to prepare RS&M Consulting Engineers' field progress reports, compile closeout book material, handle client leak calls, schedule annual inspections, and compile comprehensive roof survey reports. Mandy's strengths are in keeping project records in order and communicating with clients in a concise, timely manner. She also oversees the company's website and marketing activities.

Steve StrongSteve Strong
Production Manager
Email:  |  Telephone: (800) 232-1085

Steve Strong has 35 years of experience in administrative and operational environments that include: Management, Quality Control, Training, Computer Operations, Budgetary Control, Project Development, Personnel Recruitment and Public Relations. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, with training in Engineering and Applied Science, Steve brings his extensive knowledge of the roofing industry to RS&M through his work with Habitat for Humanity, the Department of Energy and as an owner and manager of several roofing companies. He has written thousands of specifications and scopes of work through the years, and is adept at ascertaining the right roofing system for each particular project. As a State Licensed Roofing Contractor, he has experience with all types of roofing systems and as a Certified Red Cross First Aid and CPR Instructor, teaches safety classes in his spare time. In his position as Production Manager, he is responsible for the coordination of all projects, reports, specifications, bid meetings, system evaluations, submittals and other job related activities. His goal is to utilize his extensive background knowledge and professional experience to assist in developing RS&M Consulting Engineers' effectiveness in the construction industry, making RS&M the company that businesses want to work with now and in the future.

Vivianna TorneoVivianna Torneo
Business Manager
Email:  |  Telephone: (800) 232-1085

Vivianna Torneo has extensive professional experience as a corporate executive and joined the roofing industry in 2004. Her roofing experience includes overseeing Hurricane Charlie, Wilma, and Katrina disaster relief services in coordination with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Her primary responsibilities were to verify proper documentation of all contractors and sub-contractors, provide Blue Roof Services, and ensure proper payment of all squares processed through FEMA emergency relief services.

Ms. Torneo continues to work in the roofing industry in a corporate role, while maintaining her marketing company. In July of 2010, she joined RS&M, as the firm's marketing director. Her primary responsibilities at RS&M are ensuring excellent client service, increasing visibility in the current marketplace, and organically growing the business through referral and industry-related organizations.

She is dedicated to improving her community by serving several charitable organizations.
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