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With over 130 years combined experience, Roofs, Structures and Management Inc, now RS&M Consulting Engineers, is a consulting and engineering firm with an energetic team of professionals. Utilizing the most current and up to date tools and technology required to perform the job with the highest quality standards, RS&M Consulting Engineers can provide professional expertise for all roof systems available.

Our goal is to optimize and extend the life cycle of your roof assembly to its maximum potential by using our 30-year-old Roof Asset Management Program (RAMP). RS&M achieves this goal through diagnosing and reviewing all potential options that include repair, maintenance and/or replacement. The services we develop start from the initial roof survey and continue through construction management.


The services RS&M employs to maximize the roof assemblies potential include; Comprehensive Surveys that include identification of cause and effect, CSI - MasterSpec formatted project specifications, project administration (contracts), and construction management. Another important aspect of our services is to make sure the criteria for validation of manufacturer's warranties are met.

Comprehensive Roof Surveys

The comprehensive roof survey includes an onsite visit to the property for the purpose of gathering all applicable information. This process includes; interviewing the property manager and building occupants, taking still photographs of deficiencies and overall conditions, and completing a RoofCAD drawing of the roof. The information is then reviewed and complied in written report that states the cause and effect of deficiencies found. The written report consists of all information obtained onsite, recommendations that include repair, maintenance and replacement options, as well as estimated budget costs and a 10-year roof asset management program.
Project Management
  • Generate Specifications: Generate and distribute comprehensive project specifications specific to each project following industry standard CSI format. Consultant shall confer with the Owner regarding the objectives of the Project, general scope of anticipated work items (repairs and/or roof replacement) and Project budget limitations. Specifications shall incorporate and coordinate special/unique requirements of the property/tenants, contractor access, site security and material staging requirements based on the Owner's agreement and direction.

  • Pre-Bid Meetings: Coordinate and schedule onsite meeting with all parties to review the project specifications. This includes a rooftop visit to review all details.

  • Contractor Qualification / Bidding Procedures: RS&M provides an extensive contractor qualification process that is standard in the industry to attempt "apples to apples" bidding.

  • Contract Documents: Utilize industry standard AIA contract documents for all contracted work. Consultant shall prepare detailed technical specifications (CSI - MasterSpec format) for use in bidding and implementation of the actual construction work. The Project Manual is to include samples of the Contract Documents (Current AIA documents) that will include the Contract (Document A101-2007), General Conditions (Document A201-2007), Change Order (Document G701-2001), Payment Application (Document G702-1992), and Schedule of Values (Document G703-1992).

    Consultant shall complete work items that may be required by local building code to obtain the associated building permit and/or work items required to generate a Project Manual for bidding purposes. This includes (but not limited to) asbestos testing, engineering associated items that include wind uplift design, roof drainage calculations and fastener pull tests or moisture scans. Reviews contract documents after execution by all parties. This includes the submittal packages sent in by roofing contractors. Review all required and submitted insurance documentation from all contractors and process.

  • Pre-Construction Meeting: Coordinate and schedule onsite meeting with all parties to review the awarded project and related details. This also includes reviewing the staging of the project, customer sensitivity, and other related topics.

  • On-site Observation: This entails on-site visits to project for reasons of quality control and specification compliance. This also includes a written report with digital pictures submitted weekly.

  • Full-time Observation: RS&M is capable of full-time observation of the roof installation, meaning whenever the roofing contractor is on the roof so are we.

  • In-Progress Billing: Review submitted payment applications for process, including full review of all attachments.

  • Project Closeout: RS&M coordinates and schedules the final inspection onsite with all parties involved. This includes reviewing the overall project for specification compliance and acceptance by all parties. Review all final paperwork submitted by contractor including final waivers of lien and final billing. Warranty Receive and review all manufacturer and contractor warranties submitted for accuracy.
Roof Asset Management Program (RAMP) / Annual Inspections

Our Roof Asset Management Program takes into consideration all options to continue the existing life expectancy of the roof assembly. After the initial comprehensive roof survey is complete and the successful completion of project management; annual and/or bi-annual inspections to monitor the roof assembly, preventative maintenance recommendations and leak monitoring help to successfully achieve maximum serviceable life expectancy.
  • Most building owners are insensitive to the fact that roof systems require periodic inspection and maintenance to perform as advertised.
  • Most building owners do not realize that a roof leak is a symptom of roof system problems.
  • The objective of most building owners is a no leak situation.
  • Effective roofing requires design, materials, workmanship, and maintenance of sufficient quality to meet client needs, no more and no less.
  • A building owner's roofing systems represent a substantial investment, yet many roofs go unattended until a problem occurs.
  • Roofs exist in the severest environments including cold, heat, wind, water, dust, acid rain pools, bird manure, repairmen, etc.

Tools & Technology

RS&M uses the latest tools and technology to keep pace with new roof industry advancements so our consultants are able to advise you in all aspects of your project. Our professional consultants ensure your roof is built to code and industry standard specification and proper application procedures are followed.

Roof Asset Management Software (RoofLogic):

RoofLogic is a comprehensive roof asset management program that includes Roof CAD (Computer Aided Design) software made exclusively for the roofing industry. This unique software includes compatibility with external files in Word, Excel, and Adobe PDF programs. The specifics within this software include the ability to manage photo albums, editing and annotation tools, and budget forecasts easily. Through RoofLogic, our team can record all phases of work, building a visual maintenance history of our clients' roofs.
Project Administrative Software (AIA):

The use of AIA construction documents offers RS&M the tools for project administration that are industry standard. By use of this software RS&M is capable of accessing the most current and up to date documents. The most common AIA documents we utilize include; A101-2007 (Contract), A201-2007 (General Conditions), G701-2001 (Change Order), G702-1992 (Application and Certificate for Payment), G703-1992 (Continuation Sheet Schedule of Values), G714-2007 (Construction Change Directive).
Project Specification (CSI - MasterSpec):

A state-of-the art tool that includes over 60 full-length specifications, covering low-slope and steep-slope roofing, roof installations and waterproofing. Updated and reviewed by professional specification writers and members of national roofing associations, the Roofing Library reflects the most current standards, codes, reference materials, and background information on roofing products, technologies, and manufacturers. Used for designing moderate to large scale projects, complex projects for any bidding and contracting situation, as well for more specialized project requirements.
Qualification & Continuing Education:

RS&M is actively involved in the trade organizations listed below and regularly attends the annual conferences and seminars which allow us to stay current with market trends and accrue educational hours. Several of our consultants have successfully obtained the RCI certification of RRO (Registered Roof Observers).
Memberships to Trade Organizations & Affiliations:
  • NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association)
  • ICC (International Code Council)
  • NCSBCS (The National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards)
  • RCI, Inc. (Roof Consultants Institute)
  • CSI (The Construction Specifications Institute)
  • ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers)
  • AIA (The American Institute of Architects)
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